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Enterprises looking to manage growth.

These organizations have moved past the startup phase — can no longer rely on the national market — and now have funds to reinvest in international trade. They need to strategize and execute the international expansion effort.

Companies which are stagnating.

Many organizations are in this predicament. They have largely overlooked their business development, or have yet to reinvest in an international strategy. Any existing assets tend to be poorly written, dated and weak overall. As a result, they often lag behind smaller competitors and upstarts in the battle for new business.

Venture-backed startups.

The need to wear many hats is particularly immediate and intense for a startup enterprise. As a result, the idea of putting together an in-house business development or international trade department is not only daunting but unfeasible.

Non-profits in need of support.

While non-profits are busy making the world a better place, they often face the daunting task of building awareness of their mission with minimal budgets and limited internal development resources. In addition, they often must market simultaneously to two distinct audiences – the end user that their cause supports and the constituencies and donors that support the cause.

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