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Different type of work

We coach companies and execute export projects of different types like: Market analyses, identification of clients or commercial agents in foreign markets and preparation of commercial missions. We offer a complete service, beginning from the adaptation of the marketing material until sales, depending on the client´s needs. We also do import projects if you are searching new suppliers.

Same quality and rapidity

We offer our services to SMCs which start their export process as well as to big companies which wants to enter new markets. No matter your area of business is, thanks to our wide range of contacts around the world we are able to meet requirements for your project. Because time is money we keep in mind that we have to work on the best efficient way possible. Deadline is, definitely, one of our basement.

Team project

Because we never work better than when we work togheter, our philosophy is based on team work . It is one of the biggest part of our succes. By sharing ideas and opinions we care about your project with the biggest attention. Depending on your project requirements, we selected who are the best people to take part to your problematic.


Our team is trained in international trade, marketing, e-business and sales in order to enhance your future sales. We work with a team of bilingual native speakers in order to guarantee a perfect linguistic and cultural understanding.

Interested in our services? Need complementary information?

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